Reduce your daily stress by “Whistling While You Work” today!

Today I have one goal in mind: to help keep your stress level at a minimum.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but music helps me keep my stress level low. Even when music isn’t available, I can still hum a little song to myself.

I realize that you may laugh when you learn that but that’s what I want you to do… because laugher also reduces stress!     We’ve all had a song stuck in our heads that we find ourselves humming to ourselves during the day.  For instance, the popular song that many of us sang along with when we were just youngsters as we viewed Snow White tidying up her home along with all the forest animals “Whistle While You Work.”

It’s just one of the classic songs from days gone by that can somehow allow the stress to leave our bodies and create a better mood that can in turn, create better health. “Whistle while you work … when hearts are high the time will fly so whistle while you work!”

Stressing out can cause several health issues, gaining weight  is one the biggest concerns.  Job related demands, strained relationships with friends or family members, financial problems, along with countless other worries that many of us deal with daily can cause a person to pack on the pounds.  When this happens, there are consequences such as in increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and a greater risk for cancer.

According to a study, stress is linked to weight gain, more so with women because of dealing with family relationships along with life-circumstances that are strained.  The stress for men was caused by circumstances that dealt with the work place.  In general, this study revealed that individuals who had an increased amount of daily stress stress gained more weight if they already had a higher body-mass index.

People are found to change their eating behaviors when life creates periods of stress at high levels, which eventually causes many of those individuals to gain weight.  This stress-induced weight gain may cause some people to encounter several health issues.   That is truly something we all wish to avoid.

That is why I feel that stress reduction, and humming an uplifting song to yourself, is a great idea!

Try it and let me know how you feel …

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