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The Grand Valley State University (GVSU) campus is not quite the style of a busy city or metropolitan area; however, the congestion of cars, students, buses, and the like is still similar.  And with rising gas prices and the expense of a car in general, students and parents are finding it increasingly difficult to justify having a car on campus.  Nevertheless, without a car, a student has trouble traveling home or to doctor’s appointments.

As of October 15, GVSU has introduced a solution to these issues with the incorporation of WeCar on campus.  WeCar, owned and operated by Enterprise car rental company, is a car sharing option now offered at GVSU.  Faculty, staff, and students can rent the cars by the hour, day, or overnight as demanded by their transportation needs.

“Car sharing makes public transportation, carpooling, and biking more doable for our students, faculty, and staff by providing access to a vehicle if needed. Fewer vehicles on campus reduces traffic congestion and means GVSU can direct resources…to other areas,” explains Kip Smalligan, Strategic Sourcing Specialist of Procurement Services.  “The program doesn’t cost GVSU anything to be a part of and there is a plan to increase the number of cars as the demand arises.”

WeCar is a membership-based program provided on campus during the Fall and Winter semesters.  Students purchase a membership for $35.00 and may use that fee as a credit towards a future rental.  Individuals can reserve a vehicle online, access them with their membership card, and then return them to the same location they picked the car up.  GVSU currently provides two WeCar vehicles, a Ford Focus and a Ford Fusion, both stationed on Allendale’s campus in Parking Lot D.  Find rental rates and options through GVSU’s WeCar site.  Given gas prices, maintenance, and other technicalities associated with having a car, the WeCar options at GVSU are very reasonable.

The WeCar car-sharing periods have an 8-hour max and after the 8 hours, you will be charged the daily, instead of hourly, rate.  The daily rate is for a 24-hour period.  When speaking of a weekday rate, that describes a period from Monday at 8am to Friday at 6pm.

Approximately half of WeCar’s locations are currently college campuses.  In fact, GVSU is the first Michigan located program for WeCar. Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services, Tim Thimmesch, reiterates by saying that he “sees this as an opportunity to expand on the transportation options offered…the WeCar program offers the opportunity to still meet the occasional need for a personal vehicle.”

For more information and updates, visit GVSU Transportation Services.

What strides do you take to utilize public transportation in your community?

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