How are you celebrating this #Movember?

My clean shaven upper lip, ready for Movember growth to begin

Mustaches can be a funny thing.  Some men can’t grow one.  Other men can’t stop growing one.  Mustaches fall in and out of fashion.  There are several styles of mustaches too, with great names like the chevron, fu manchu, horseshoe, lampshade and the ever popular handlebar.

And for the month of November, men around the world will adorn their upper-lips with a bit of facial hair to support prostate cancer research and prevention.  Correction, this will all be happening during the month of Movember.

Many of the men behind A Healthier Michigan will be sporting mustaches for Movember, and our entire team will be busy drawing attention to how the men of Michigan can arm themselves in the fight against prostate cancer.  And if you can’t grow your mo this Movember, you can always follow the lead of our writer Kristin Coppens.

There are many things you can do this month to participate without growing facial hair or painting your nails.  If you’re on Twitter, take pictures of your mustache and tag it with the hashtag #ShoYoMo so we can promote your progress.  You can follow our ShoYoMo board on Pinterest.  You can keep reading A Healthier Michigan for tips on how you and your loved ones can stay healthy.

Why are we spending so much time on Movember this year?

For me, its personal.  My grandfather/best friend passed away a few years ago from pancreatic cancer.  He lived a good, long, healthy, enjoyable life and to see cancer in any form rob him of his vitality was devastating.  Although his cancer was diagnosed early, he lost his valiant, painful fight three years later.

I understand pancreatic cancer is different from prostate cancer, but that difference has more to do with the part of the body the cancer attacked rather than the cancer itself.  In researching the prostate cancer solutions doctors are innovating in southeast Michigan a few years ago, I found that prostate cancer is very similar to breast cancer and it shares several traits with blood cancers too.

This might sound naive, but if growing a mustache will help raise awareness and money to help other men avoid the pain my grandfather suffered, then my razor will stay in my medicine cabinet for the month.

We’d like to know, if you are growing a mustache to support Movember, what has you motivated to insulate your upper lip this year?


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