How to find free or low cost mammograms in Michigan

“Awareness without action is worthless.”
Phil McGraw

While Dr. Phil certainly isn’t the first person to espouse such simple yet profound platitudes about the importance of awareness, the essence of the message is timeless: awareness and action must go hand in hand.

All throughout October, you’ve been reading and hearing about the importance of early detection when it comes to breast cancer. Regular self-exams and mammograms are essential to early detection. It’s now time to act if you haven’t done so already.

Our Guidelines to Good Health, recommend the following mammogram schedules for women:

Age                        Frequency

18-39                     Ask your doctor

40-74                     Every 2 years

75+                         Ask your doctor

Are you concerned about the cost of mammograms? There are many national, state and community organizations that offer free or low-cost mammograms to those who qualify.

As part of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection program , please call the following agencies for more information about free or low-cost mammograms:

  • Oakland County BCCCP Referral Agency | 877.221.6505
  • Livingston County BCCCP Referral Agency | 800.440.7548
  • Macomb County BCCCP Referral Agency | 586.412.3384
  • Washtenaw County BCCCP Referral Agency | 800.440.7548
  • Wayne County BCCCP Referral Agency | 888.242.2702

If you don’t reside in one of the counties above, please check out the Komen Affiliates, the nation’s largest private funder of community-based education, screening and treatment programs for breast cancer.

Area                                      Phone                                                   Email

Detroit                                  (800) 527-6266                                   [email protected]

East Lansing                        (517) 886-4901                                   [email protected]

Kalamazoo                          (877) 566-3679                                   [email protected]

Grand Rapids                     (616) 752-8262                                   [email protected]

So, there are resources available to help you get your mammogram. Do you know of another agency or organization that provides free or low-cost mammograms?

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