West Michigan entrepreneurs create diabetic-friendly snack bar

In the United States, there are approximately 79 million Americans who are considered to be pre-diabetic, with another 2/3 of individuals overweight.  Two West Michigan entrepreneurs have become advocates of healthy eating and healthy, natural lifestyles with their new nutrition company, InBar.

Bob Serulla and Dr. Don Verhulst started their company, InBalance Health Corp., just over 3 months ago with their office in Wayland.  The InBars are aimed to target supplementing the diets of a growing number of consumers who are looking for a natural product that curbs the sugar highs and lows of traditional snacks. Serulla is the owner of Warren Nutrition Products, while Dr. Don Verhulst is a resident and physician in Ada who focuses on non-pharmaceutical solutions to health problems.

As Verhulst reiterates, “one in three babies born in 2000 will end up with Type-2 diabetes…[InBars] support the body’s ability to function properly. It’s simply a healthy snack.”  The nutrition bars are not meant to be medicine or a cure; nevertheless, they can help control hunger and manage your blood sugar levels.

At $2.99 each, InBars are comparably affordable to other nutrition bars on the market.  They come in 4 flavors: strawberry banana, chocolate mint, chocolate cherry, and chocolate fudge.  At 140 calories each, the chewy, 2 oz. nutrition bars are made by a local West Michigan food processing company.  The bars themselves are high in fiber and high in protein, while still made with all natural ingredients, vegan and allergen free.

The benefits of InBar include a number of diabetic-geared characteristics; however, the overall benefits are good for anyone.  The bars have slowly digestible carbs that minimize blood sugar spikes and manage hunger, high fiber and low net carbs, no added sugar, no sugar alcohols, high in protein, formulated by a doctor to be diabetic-friendly, no preservatives or additives, and natural, organic ingredients.

Currently, the InBar is available for purchase through their website and slowly being integrated in health food stores in the area.  The long-term goals of Serulla and Verhulst are to sell in the United States and Internationally, while aiming to manufacture their own products within 2 years.

What diet changes have you made to avoid developing diabetes?

Photo credit: inbalancehealthcorp

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