Being a Sports Nut Keeps You Healthy

I love sports and I am a sports fan, always have been and always will be. For those of you that know me, you know that I am a die hard Spartan (Go Green!) and a Detroit sports fanatic (I’m still grinning from ear to ear about Miguel Cabrera winning baseball’s Triple Crown!). If you have ever been to a game or watched a game with me, you know that I am fully invested. There is a lot of of screaming, pacing, passion and emotion.

Being a sports nut may benefit your health in many ways. For example:

  • It gives a sense of community pride
  • It builds camaraderie with friends when you cheer for the same team or play on a team together
  • It creates healthy competition both in rooting for the same team or even some friendly rivalry
  • I can inspire athleticism by getting you to exercise or workout to be like your favorite player
  • It builds tradition through hometown, state, school or alma mater
  • It provides entertainment and release of stress, by cheering and socializing

It might not seem that way when you are screaming for your team and your blood pressure feels like it is rising. But think about, you are taking some time for yourself and I know screaming and cheering is a great stress reliever. Try it.

I polled people on my social networks to get their take on why they love being  a sports fan. Here is what they said:

Sarah Hovis (@SloganSister) said – “For me, it’s about the triumph of the human spirit — the possibility that there could be a defining moment that could change a person’s life or unite perfect strangers. It just gives me chills.”

Jamie Favreau (@jfavreau) said – “Community. I have met so many good friends of mine through the Red Wings it can’t be duplicated.”

Jacki Halas (@Jacki_Halas) said – “I love sports for the art of the game, the passion it inspires, the community it fosters & pride it generates.”

Anthony Wichtman (@AW21_Detroit) says – “No ambiguity in sports, always a winner & loser.”

Andy Hetzel (@andrewhetzel) said – “The ultimate reality show, with history and human drama.”

Tom Derocha, my husband (@tomderocha) says – “I love sports because it is the ultimate collaboration of individuals coming together for a common good. It also lets you forget about all your problems and be a kid again, rooting for the good guys, your idols, while giving you pride in your home town, school or alma mater.”

Suzi Jain Juarez said – ” It’s a nice escape and release from everyday life. And it builds a sense of community, even if you cheer for opposing teams.”

Kristie said her favorite thing about being a sports fan is – “Competitive spirit. Love of the games.”

Alerson jokingly states he loves being a sports fan – “because politics sucks.”

Andrea says it is in her blood to be a sports fan.

LaDonna says it has inspired her to participate in sports more. “I started out as a sports fan by watching sports, now I also play them.”

Cindy (@cindybjorkquist) says – “I always played sports in high school and that has carried into my adult life to enjoy watching sports and continue to participate. Playing sports and its competitive nature gives me a rush that is still present today.”

David Lingholm (@davidlingholm) said – “It’s part sense of tradition able to connect me and my grandfather, and it’s part of being part of large/engaged community.”

Helen Battersby (@helenbattersby) sums it up nicely saying – “I love the spirit, the competition and the way it brings a community together!”

Why do you love being a sports fan?

Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan

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