Let your attitude fall into place this autumn with laughter

What would you think if someone told you that laughter is a great way to boost your heart rate?  You might agree with them, recalling that there have been times you’ve laughed so hard that you actually noticed an increase in your pulse.  You may have even sensed a bit of muscle strain in your abdomen area, practically feeling as though you just completed a mild workout.

Well, guess what?  You did!  It’s true that laughter may actually offer the same advantages of a workout; and yes, laughter does burn calories … 50 calories for every 10-15 minutes of laughter to be exact!

We’ve all heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine,” right?  That phrase is also the title of one of the most popular features of Reader’s Digest magazine, which includes jokes, one-liners, and other lighthearted glimpses of life that are just what the doctor ordered.

Laughter makes us feel good because it triggers the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals; but what many of you may not know is that laughter also boosts your immune system and decreases stress hormones as well.   When we laugh we change the condition of our body, stretching muscles throughout our face and body along with breathing faster.  This sends more oxygen to our tissues, thus allowing us to feel better and putting a little more “spring in our step.”  Stress hormones go down and our immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies increase, improving our resistance to disease as an added bonus!

So now that we’ve learned how laughter can make us feel better, why not incorporate that into some form of daily physical activity?  I’ll tell you now that I can’t stop laughing when I participate in Zumba;  I am not alone here as many individuals share the same feelings as I do when it comes to this Latin-inspired, calorie-burning fitness dance.   It’s an awesome way to exercise and have a great time while doing it!  Seriously, I recommend Zumba to anyone who wants to start an enjoyable physical activity that will bring a smile (or many) to your face while doing it!

Even if you’re not a Zumba fan, you can have fun with any exercise we are partaking in.  Whether it’s jumping rope or jumping jacks, bicycling, dancing, trampoline tricks, running on the treadmill, playing a game of tag with your kids, or step exercises in front of the television in your home, you can enjoy a good laugh while working out and enjoy this time to the fullest!

Laughing is good for you, it burns extra calories and it not only puts a little spring in your step, but will allow a better attitude to fall into place during this amazing autumn season!

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