Beating the rainy day blues in Grand Rapids

Rainy days are sometimes a welcomed relief from the heat, or even snow.  They are a perfect excuse to get comfortable, stay in bed and enjoy a good book or a movie.  On the other hand, being stuck inside all day, especially with younger children, can be a quick recipe for boredom.  Whether you want to brave the weather and head outside or stay at home, there are a number of great indoor alternatives to a less than ideal forecast.

Grand Rapids, for example, is home to a vast number of venues to entertain children and adults alike.  On a rainy day, there are museums, major shopping centers, shows, fitness and more as options to get out of the house and enjoy a bit of what the city has to offer.


Grand Rapids’ Children’s Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Shopping Centers:

Rivertown Crossings Mall

Woodland Mall

Centerpointe Mall


Broadway Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Symphony

Grand Rapids Ballet Company




Jester’s Court

If the rain is keeping you from driving anywhere and you’d rather get creative and turn your house into a fun place to entertain on a rainy day, all you need is an imagination for most of these activities.

-Turn your bathtub into a scuba session

-Make arts and crafts of any kind

-Build a fort in your living room, kitchen, or basement

-Bake cookies

-Watch movies and make popcorn

Find more activities and rainy day ideas to stay active and entertained from busy moms and health professionals alike.

What does your family like to do on a rainy day?

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