#WinbyLosing week 2: what do food labels mean?

Judging by the number of back-to-school photos from friends that are filling Facebook timelines, you would be inclined to think that kids being whisked away to school in bright yellow busses is the only thing happening in Michigan.

For some people, that statement is true.  But if you are participating in Win by Losing, you know this week is also the critical second week of competition.  It is time for people to put their commitments into practice, and judging by the early returns, many of the competitors are doing that successfully.

Even if you are not a formal participant, you can still follow along.  Our team that organizes this company competition always pulls together a great list of resources for you to focus on each week.  This week, the focus is on grocery shopping.

Have you ever wondered what NuCal means on the shelf labels at your grocery store?  Wondering what all those things on the labels of your food at the store mean?  Are you trying to eat healthy and stay on budget?  Here are two resources to help you know what labels mean and tips for keeping your finances healthy at the grocery story as well.  And before you go to the store, here are two recipes to buy the ingredients for so you have lunches that taste great and pack a nutritional punch.

What food are you buying this week that will help you Win by Losing?

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