Recapping Live Downtown Games — or, I’ll tackle the obstacle course next year

The Live Downtown Games wrapped up hours before the Olympic opening ceremonies were broadcast across the nation. While the Live Downtown Games certainly did not capture the interest the Olympics always does, they were undoubtedly more important to downtown Detroit.

The games started as an idea just over three months ago as a way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the popular Live Downtown incentives. They quickly became a way for the organizers from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Compuware, DTE Energy and Quicken Loans to demonstrate that collaboration works.

Participants had fun too. Walking the second floor of our office with my Live Downtown Games T-shirt on elicited several responses like, “Thanks for participating,” or “How do I get one?”

Compuware eventually took home the Live Downtown Games trophy and the various executives at the closing ceremonies all stated the trophy would be calling their company’s lobby home next year. All told, 7,109 pounds of food and a check for $12,500 were donated to Forgotten Harvest.

But the big winner of the games was the city of Detroit. Employees from each of the five companies ventured to places in the city they rarely, if ever, go to. They packed Campus Martius Park, Cadillac Square and the restaurants that participated in the games. They talked with people from other companies they just met and started planning where they would meet again.

As one of the people who covered the games on our social media outposts, I can say that the games were exhausting and fun to cover. As a city resident for the last 12 years, I can say the positive feelings people had about the city afterward were unprecedented. As a 13 year-old boy several years removed, I can’t wait for next year so I can tackle the obstacle course one more time.

Take a look at our wrapup video below.

Photo credit A Healthier Michigan



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