4 easy, healthy summer Mason jar recipes to-go

As the sun-swathed days of summer press on and temperatures continue to spike, firing up the oven and cooking a hearty meal isn’t exactly desirable.  We’ve got the perfect to-go meals that are light, delicious, healthy and pretty easy to prepare.  The first ingredient you’ll need for the following delectable recipes is a … Mason jar?!

Yes, a Mason jar.  Preparing the following meals in jars can help food contents stay fresh.  Plus, they’re eco-friendly by design and make it easy to grab-and-go, whether you’re off to work or relocating dinner from the kitchen table to a blanket outside for an evening picnic.

Here are our Mason picks for each meal of the day.

Simple, light and adaptable, this recipe can be altered to be gluten-free.  Choose the granola, yogurt and fruit you like best to ensure a tasty start to the day. Change up your ingredients to keep your tasty breakfast treat interesting.

These salad shakers take a bit of planning and preparation ahead of time, but are worth it.  Contents will stay fresh all week.  Make sure to add sauce or dressing first, layer in your ingredients and top off with leafy greens to ensure a non-soggy salad experience.  Shake your concoction when you’re ready to dine and enjoy.

This finger-licking dish, inspired by the barbecue sundae, is a vessel of flavor.  It combines summer’s signature tastes and traditions into one portable carafe, giving it character, charm, an appropriate portion size and the ability to enjoy a Pure Michigan summer sunset from your deck, backyard or favorite picnic spot.

Mix maple flax and apple crumble cookie for a burst of savory goodness.  Sans dairy, gluten and refined sugar, this morsel is scrumptious and packed with fiber. Eating vegan never tasted so good.

Let us know which ones of our picks are your favorite, or share your own Mason jar recipe in the comments below.


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