My dream weight loss pill encourages a healthy lifestyle

Can you imagine how great it’s going to be when the obesity epidemic in this nation miraculously becomes only a distant memory?   How wonderful it will be when all a person has to do to eliminate their weight issue is simply to swallow a tiny tablet!  This tiny tablet will have the magic ability to create an individual’s desire to consume only healthy food and will completely eliminate the craving of unhealthy items that are loaded with sugar, salt, fat and calories.  This tiny tablet will also generate the desire within all human beings to exercise daily, basically feeling as if a day isn’t complete without it.

Personally, I really like the idea that this tiny tablet will make you look at unhealthy food differently.  It will take away any desire for potato chips, pan pizza with extra meat and cheese, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, pasta, sugary drinks and second helpings at mealtime.  You see, these tiny tablets will take away the desire to eat more than a single portion at any given meal, especially at all-you-can-eat buffets or any type of gathering.  It won’t matter if it’s a holiday, a celebration of a special event or an outdoor barbeque with friends, this tiny tablet will only cause a person to eat the recommended portion size of healthy food items and not one forkful more.

This tiny tablet will also create a very positive attitude for all those who take it, including an increased level of self-esteem and an extreme amount of energy … woo hoo!

Yes, I was dreaming, but then I know dreams like those pretty well since I had ones similar to that when I was morbidly obese, weighing close to 300 pounds.  I really, really wanted that tiny tablet to exist and I would have paid any amount to have it.  Actually, if I were still morbidly obese today, I’d still pray that I could take that tiny tablet.   It has to be out there somewhere.

Actually, somewhere there is … maybe.  I’m sure you’ve heard the latest news and the claim that there is a new diet pill that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which they feel gives doctors and their patients more tools to fight excessive weight gain. I had to find out more about this diet pill since I feel that a large percentage of individuals who desperately want to lose weight will be hoping to have it prescribed by their doctor.  As with any new medication, there are some potential health concerns.  But my curiosity is more-so focused on what the doctors have to say about this new diet pill since they are the experts here.

“I’ll probably take a wait-and-see attitude myself,” said Greg Anderson, an assistant professor of family medicine at the Mayo Clinic. “The track record has not been particularly good for diet medications.” Anderson concurred. “It’s still going to come down to exercise and diet as the best way to lose weight.”

After reading as much information I could regarding this new medication, I will sum it up like this;  if people don’t make the necessary lifestyle changes, the weight lost while taking this diet pill will be gained back.  Hmmm, not really how taking a magic tiny tablet, or a diet pill worked in my dream, but maybe because it was only just that – a dream.

I found that increasing your exercise level and eating healthier still seems to be the answer in taking off the weight and keeping it off.  It’s worked for me and the only tiny tablet I ever took was a Tic-Tac!  My personal view is that the one sure way to make the obesity epidemic in this nation miraculously become a distant memory is to convince everyone to live a healthier lifestyle.  I just wish it was that simple.

Do you have any opinion of this new weight loss drug?

Photo credit Ed Yourdon

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