Warrior Dash: A Fight to Fitness


The Warrior Dash, the world’s largest running series, is returning to Michigan for two races this summer.  The first is July 28 and July 29 in Mount Morris.    This 3.1 mile action-packed race is comprised of 11 obstacles designed to test your endurance and requires the strength of a soldier. This year’s Warrior Dash will feature:

  • Barricade Breakdown – jump over barricades and crawl under barbed wire
  • Deadweight Drifter –wade through waist-deep water and logs
  • Road Rage – journey through a scrapyard of rusted wreckage
  • Vertical Limit –scale up a wall and brace yourself for a vertical drop
  • Chaotic  Crossover – crawl over tangled nets
  • Deadmans Drop – climb to the top and over a huge hurdle
  • Storming Normandy – do your best military crawl
  • Hard Rain – trudge through water and get over the rain
  • Cargo Climb –climb  over cargo nets
  • Giant Cliffhanger –climb up a massive slope
  • Warrior Roast – leap over heaps of fire
  • Muddy Mayhem – trudge under the barbed wires as you near the finish

Race two happens September 15 in Walker.  Fearless participants will tackle 12 obstacles over a planned 3.31 mile course.

Participants will have to brave the elements as obstacles take place on land, in water, and even through fire.  Anyone 14 years or older can participate, but proper training is necessary for this intensive course. There is a fierce contest for best costume, so come dressed to impress . This race is no walk in the park, so be prepared for a day of extreme physical activity and gear up for battle.

Photo credit I Run Flint

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