Hate to wait when wanting to lose weight, declaring “I want it now!” You’re not alone.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are becoming an “I want it now” society.  It isn’t wrong to be that way, but we must remember that it doesn’t work like that in all areas of our life.  When it comes to new technology, a vast amount of the population will want whatever it is right away and get it right now.  If we desire information pertaining to any subject imaginable, we can find it on the Internet as fast as our fingers can type and get it right now.   But yet there are some wants that actually do take time, no matter how demanding a person can get.  They simply can not have it now, period.

“But I don’t want to wait, I want it now!”

When I say that sentence out loud it instantly reminds me of the character Veruca Salt from the 1971 television classic Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.   Remember her, the spoiled little rich girl who wore the frilly pink dress and was extremely demanding to her father as she commanded, “I want it now, Daddy, I want it NOW!”   Veruca ended up going down the garbage shoot where all the other bad eggs go. Oh, how I enjoyed watching that scene of the movie, her attitude was quite bothersome.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had that opinion of her, even though we probably all understood how Veruca felt during certain scenes of the film.  Seriously, who wants to wait any amount of time for something that we want to have so desperately?  But it is something that we have to accept in life, even if we don’t want to.  Waiting is sometimes forced upon us.

For instance, during a pregnancy many parents probably don’t enjoy the thought of having to wait 40 LONG weeks just to hold their newborn infant, that’s a long waiting period.  During all three of my pregnancies, I truly wanted to see and hold my babies right now!  But it really didn’t matter what I wanted, I still had to wait the full nine months to hold each of them.    As we know, it’s worth the wait, but waiting is still difficult for any expecting parents as they count down the days.

There happens to be another particular life circumstance when waiting is forced upon us even though we desire the results right away, when we want to lose weight.  It’s true for millions of us.  When I was morbidly obese and knew that I was going to start another one of my diets I did NOT want to wait.  I wanted to lose all my weight, now.  There was no desire within me to commit to several months of dieting or exercising at all.  Who wants to wait for something that is craved so badly?   My thoughts were simple, I want it now!

But that’s not reality.  Wanting to lose weight, especially over 160 pounds, doesn’t happen instantaneously.  It just can’t happen right now. Wishing, longing, desiring, even praying doesn’t make the weight fall off immediately.  It takes time.   But let me reassure that this time will pass by quickly and can be enjoyed as you begin living a healthier lifestyle each day.

Yes, any weight you want to lose will come off.  Maybe not at the rate you want it to like on some of those television reality shows, but it will come off.   Please take a moment to accept that losing weight will take time, that you cannot have it right now.  No, not even you Miss Veruca Salt!

Once I accepted that fact, then I could focus on one day at a time.   Walking 1.5 miles every day and making healthier food choices allowed me to do what I wanted, which was to lose over 160 pounds.   I got what I wanted in sixteen months and it was very much worth the wait, just like it was during each of my pregnancies.    Again, it was a one day at a time mentality.   Just as we know Rome wasn’t built in a day, your healthier, slimmer body won’t be either.  Stay focused and you’ll get it.

That is a promise.

How do you stay patient with your fitness goals?

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