Pay thanks to your reflection during Compliment Your Mirror Day

Have you found yourself looking for that special someone? Searching for the one person in the world who gets you, your humor, your taste and is good-looking to boot? Then look no further. This person is right in front of you!

No, really.

July 3rd is Compliment Your Mirror Day. I have to admit, I tend to celebrate most days as if they were Compliment Your Mirror Day. Although I’m the antithesis of a morning person, I like to get my days off to a good start in the simplest way possible.  Whether it’s with a smile, a quick thumbs up or a wink to let myself know that I still got it, making my reflection feel good is something that can cheer me up on the dullest of days. Even if I’m just lounging around in my pajamas or dressed to the nines, seeing a smile upon my face as I pass by any mirror is enough to boost my confidence tenfold.

So, in order to start your day off in with a smile, here are a few fun ways you can celebrate Compliment Your Mirror Day.


I know it’s silly. Yet, there’s something about striking a pose in mirror that makes me laugh. Besides, what good is laughter if you can’t spare a little for yourself?  The fun thing about posing is that the possibilities are endless. You’d be surprised with how creative you can get! You can go for a fierce, fearsome or fabulous look; it doesn’t matter. As long as you feel good, you can easily strike your pose with confidence and conviction.


Skills are not required. In fact, the wackier you are, the more fun this activity becomes. Some of my favorite moves include The Running Man, The Cabbage Patch and on a really good day, I even like to hit the Dougie. You can do your own signature dance move in front of the mirror, as long as it makes you feel good! Don’t be scared to get creative with your dance moves either; no one will be around to judge. In fact, your only critic will be doing the same moves along with you!

Pay Thanks

The best thing about a reflection is that whatever you do, it does back. So why not pay thanks to your mirror image for always being there for you? Even a quick, “looking good,” or a simple, “hey handsome,” will do just fine. And if you’re worried about the exchange being awkward, don’t worry. The best thing about your mirror image is that it’s very polite, so any compliment you give them, they’ll give right back!

For some, it’s easy to become their own worst critic. How you view yourself can shape how you believe others perceive you. However, by treating yourself well, whether it’s through one honest compliment a day or taking the time to laugh, you’ll start to feel well too.

Although Compliment Your Mirror Day is only celebrated once a year, a compliment a day is sure to keep a frown at bay!

How do you plan on celebrating Compliment Your Mirror Day?

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