I’ve been the butt of the joke before but never quite like this!

This past Sunday was a typical weekend afternoon until I realized that I needed to pick up a few groceries for the week, so I headed to the local store to do a little shopping.  The store was pretty empty for a Sunday, maybe only a couple people per isle, creating a very calm and quiet atmosphere.   I was done with my shopping and ready to head towards the register and I walked past a middle-aged gentleman.  He was accompanied by his lovely wife and they appeared as if they just came directly from church and were picking up a few groceries for the week as well.

I bet you can imagine how surprised I was when I hear these words coming from behind me, Look at that big butt!   Honey, do you see that big butt … it is HUGE!”

“Really?  Oh my gosh!  Did that guy really just tell his wife that I have a big butt?   He doesn’t look like a person who would make fun of others.  Why can’t these people just stop?  I’m so tired of being laughed at because of my weight.  Wait a minute.  I’ve changed.  I’m not overweight any longer.  This dude can’t be referring to me, can he?”   Those thoughts came to mind along with some others that I not dare include in print!

Needless to say, I immediately whipped my head around to see the face of this man who I had, just a moment earlier, assumed was a gentleman.   What I saw at that moment was not exactly the scene I was anticipating.  This fellow in a three-piece suit was stomping his right shoe in a crazy pattern on the grocery store floor, pursuing what appeared to be a very large cricket.

To my relief, he was focusing on a big bug, not butt.  My mistake!

Luckily I didn’t say anything to him about his comment before I turned around.  That would have been extremely embarrassing for everyone.  As you can imagine, I left the isle laughing to myself.   It really was kind of funny; plus, it was a relief to know that the size of my behind wasn’t the target of his attention.    I reminded myself, once again, to quit pulling up those old memories from my obese past and try to keep the current smile on my face.

I did but not until I started putting the groceries in my car.  It’s hard to forget the numerous years when I was the butt of the joke and I couldn’t laugh or smile at any of them.  Looking back I will say that the adolescent years were the worst, especially when I had to get to class and it required me to pass by a large group of fellow students who were just looking for trouble.  You know the ones, the young teenage kids who just can’t let a classmate pass by without making a mean and nasty comment.  They always made sure to point out any differences in the passerby’s appearance.   Since I was one of only a few of obese kids in the school, you can imagine how often I was the butt of their jokes.   It was a daily ritual.  As time went by, I felt as if I deserved every offensive comment.  After all I was the fat kid in school and these kids felt it was their duty to remind me of that every single day.

Not only did their comments remind me of my large size, but the school desks did the same.  It was not my idea of fun trying to maneuver my over-sized legs to fit underneath these things and try to allow my stomach to fit comfortably between the chair and the desktop.   It was very embarrassing and I still don’t know how I didn’t break some of the desks I sat in

Once I arrived home, I just had to share my little story about my big butt with my daughter.  She laughed and said I should have started singing the popular song “Baby Got Back”   like my favorite character, Donkey, does in the movie Shrek.  I had never thought of that or I surely would’ve done it! 

Since the focus was really on a big bug, not a big butt, this couple really would have wondered about me.   Butt then … I suppose some people already do!

Have you ever encountered a situation like this and found yourself upset because of an error on your part?  Please share!

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