Allergy friendly foods are next thing to be Imported from Detroit

Food of the month clubs have been around for a long time.  The concept is pretty simple, you register, you pay a fixed price and once a month you have a fresh shipment of food samples.  People enjoy these clubs because they get to try a variety of foodstuffs they normally would not have the courage to buy individually.  Fruit, beer and even pickles are popular “of-the-month” club items.

A startup in Detroit has a new twist to that old idea.  Savorfull will ship a box each month, filled with allergy-friendly food samples for people who have food allergies or who are looking for nutritionally rich alternatives to processed foods.  For Stacy Goldberg, founder of Savorfull, this is a natural extension of her work as a nutritionist.

“Savorfull was born because I’ve been a nutritionist practicing over the last 10 years in Detroit,” she notes. “After working with individuals and families who had food allergies and intolerances and specific lifestyle dietary needs, I recognized the importance of finding products that could enhance or change their lives.”

The company officially launched this month with 100 subscribers.  Those subscribers can look forward to seeing a box of five to seven high quality samples each month on their doorstep, as well as having access to the Savorfull customer website to buy larger sizes of the products they liked, find recipes customized for the foods featured and hints on how to incorporate each of the foods into their lifestyle.  The idea is to get these products into people’s houses and to build a community around how to use them.

Future iterations of the business will see subscribers gaining the ability to have their boxes more closely tailored to their individual allergy needs.  But for now, Goldberg says one of her company’s goals is raising awareness about the many allergy friendly products that are available.  Ideally, she hopes that goal helps her subscribers and producers of allergy free foods find each other.

“My goal was to take these foods and get them into consumers’ homes all around the world because there are all of these local producers who haven’t got themselves out to the world yet because there are so many steps involved. So my passion in creating Savorfull was bringing those producers to market and help become a distribution channel for them to get their product to people in need all across the world,” Goldberg says.

Goldberg, formerly the staff nutritionist for Plum Markets, consciously chose to go to the business incubator Bizdom to learn how to grow a scalable business could help the state of Michigan in other ways too.

“Michigan is one of the least healthy states and so my business has been booming. I’ve been a serial nutrition entrepreneur for the last 10 years and knew what was happening with the revitalization of Detroit.  I knew that there was great room for growth from a consumer standpoint knowing the rates of obesity in Detroit and diabetes in Detroit,” she says. “I’m making the commitment to help the people of Detroit and Michigan at large.”




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