Are you getting the ROE you need from your current exercise routine?

Normally I wouldn’t think of exercise in business terms but my friend and former roommate Ravi inevitably caused me to start looking at the parallels between efficient exercise and an efficient business. In business, efficiency is measured by return on investment (ROI).  Simply stated, it is a comparison of how much something costs a business versus how much the business gains.

In my experience, exercising and living a healthy life cost both time and energy. What I gain for that cost is a healthier body and a happier mind.  Therefore, I’m going out on a limb and creating my own exercise version of efficiency called the return on exercise (ROE). This isn’t a formula meant to be calculated literally. Rather it is a way to get you thinking about being efficient with your exercise time.  Major muscle groups should be worked in compound exercises, those that work several muscle groups at once.  This will have the greatest effect on your muscle strength and will burn the most fat.

So if you are in a crunch for time, try these five exercises to increase your ROE.

5: Squats

Your legs combine to make up about 30% of your total weight.  They are packed with muscle to help you move, balance and support your body.  The squat is a basic exercise that will work the major muscle groups in your leg (thighs, hamstrings, and calves).  Spending five minutes during every work out to squat will improve your overall fitness.    You can even do them at work.

4: Pushups

Before humans had fire or dumbbells, we had the pushup.  This is the easiest exercise to begin doing and works a ton of upper body muscle groups.  Your chest, shoulders, triceps and back are all used when properly performing a pushup.  This exercise will tone your upper body and for extra ideas on how to transform your arm click here.

3: Run or Walk Hills

There is a reason NFL trainers and armed service boot camps require that people run hills.  It may look like a small hill, but the combination of aerobic exercise (running/walking) and anaerobic exercise (lifting your body up the hill) will definitely produce results after only a few trips up and down.  This is a major workout for all muscle groups of the leg.  By hitting the hills, your quadriceps, calves and buttocks muscles will have their best workout ever.

2: Pullups or Chinups

This is an easy exercise to be intimidated by.  Most people don’t have the upper body strength to perform this exercise but that shouldn’t stop you.  Pullups are a great exercise to work your entire chest, back and arms.  If you can’t do a pullup, start by doing a flexed hang for 30 seconds and as you build strength, you will be able to slowly do baby pull-ups until you can do a complete one. Click the link above for a tutorial on how to begin doing pull ups.

1: Planking

The plank is a move that completely uses your body weight to work your entire core.  In addition, it works lower back muscles, triceps and legs.

What exercises to you use to increase your ROE?

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