Upbeat Activities That Make You Forget You’re Exercising

ZumbaWhen I think of the word exercise, I usually think of jogging or going to the gym, two activities that just don’t seem to spark my interest because they feel like tasks. A lot of times, people are deterred from exercising simply because it’s called “exercise.” The connotations are often that it’s boring and never-ending; almost more of a chore than something fun. However, not all physical activity has to be associated with such negative perceptions. There are forms of exercise so entertaining that they hardly feel like exercise at all.


Zumba is a Latin-inspired workout that combines international music with fast-paced dance moves. Personally, this is one of my favorite forms of physical activity. Granted, I am a dancer so I may be a bit biased but I truly feel that this can be a great workout for anyone. Whether you do it alone or with friends, it’s sure to be a great time. Today, there are many gyms and rec centers that offer Zumba classes but don’t worry if you don’t have access to these places: there are plenty of videos on the Internet that you can use as a guide.  Although there are perceptions that Zumba is a more feminine activity, men can take part in it too. If you’re looking for something that’s very fun as well as physically challenging, this could be the perfect choice for you!

Bollywood Dance

Another great workout that anyone can take part in is Bollywood dancing. This is a type of Indian dancing that allows for cardiovascular training as well as muscle toning. I had never thought about incorporating Bollywood dance into my workout until I saw it dancers performing it at a dance show on campus; it just looked like so much fun. I started looking around to see if I could find any Bollywood dance classes but then I realized that my cable network offered free exercise specials focused solely on this type of dance. Speaking from personal experience, I think this is a fantastic workout because it’s entertaining while also being great for the body. I would recommend this type of exercise to anyone looking for physical activity without the typical label of “exercise.”

Do you enjoy Zumba or Bollywood dancing? What are your favorite activities that don’t feel like exercise?

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