During Memorial Day weekend, enjoy the views from Pure Michigan and melt your stress away

We are so fortunate to live in Michigan. Our amazing state has plenty to offer throughout the entire year — but as far as I’m concerned, nothing beats the season that is now upon us!

“According to a study from the University of Michigan, group nature walks are linked to enhanced mental health and positivity, as well as significantly lower levels of depression and feelings of stress.”-Health.com

Ahhh, yes — the lazy, hazy days of summer will be kicking off with  Memorial Day weekend and I can’t wait to enjoy a Pure Michigan experience to the fullest. If I close my eyes for a moment, I can almost hear Tim Allen’s soothing voice now as he speaks about Pure Michigan in one of his numerous commercials… honestly, probably the most relaxing and accurate series of ads that I’ve ever heard. I love each and every one of them.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. I found it amusing that while shopping in a brand-new “Made in Michigan” store yesterday, the store owner and I joked that Tim’s voice should be playing in the background. It would truly complete the feeling that you take on while browsing in a place that features products that are made here, in our charming little area of the world. Seriously, it’s the perfect place to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, golfing (the Senior PGA Championship is currently taking place at Harbor Shores) – the list of things to enjoy Pure Michigan is endless!

Hit the beach

Yet for me, the greatest item on the list is simply visiting one of Michigan’s beaches, over 3,100 miles of beautiful shoreline for exploring and walking. Talk about having an effect on your soul… it’s what we around here call the “lake effect,” and it contains numerous health benefits for the soul — one being a huge stress relief. Were you aware that stress can actually put you at an increased risk of numerous health problems?

It’s very important to find healthy ways to cope with stress — or better yet, get rid of it for an entire weekend! Please take the time to visit one of the amazing beaches and allow your stress to be blown away with the wind! Go ahead and get some sand in your shoes, your pockets, or even in your hair … it’s a souvenir of a day well-spent! Visit one of the many Michigan lighthouses, enjoy a healthy picnic lunch and then (this is my favorite part) take an evening walk, which can conclude with the most spectacular sunset!

Yes, you can do all of that this weekend along with making sure to remember our servicemen and women during this upcoming Memorial Day. Honor them at a Michigan Memorial Day Parade or special holiday event. No matter what you chose to do, please have an enjoyable, relaxing and healthy holiday!

We would love to know what your plans are this Memorial Day weekend … please feel free to share in the comment area below!

Photo Credit: A Healthier Michigan via Flickr (feature and inset)



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