A Storify recap of the #MakeThePlay school assembly with Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford

After 40 videos submitted and 24,000 votes cast, one student, Hailey Samples, squeaked out the victory in our “Make the Play For Healthy Habits” video contest. By putting her tips for how kids can maintain healthy habits on video, her school in Farmington Hills was treated to an assembly with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford as the guest of honor.

As Stafford walked into the Warner Upper Elementary gym on Wednesday, he was greeted by a sea of students decked out in Honolulu blue and silver cheering so loudly, he must have thought it was a Monday night football game in Detroit. After the initial greeting, there was a consistent buzz throughout the program, which included a screening of the winning video, Samples interviewing Stafford on how he stays healthy and some trivia for the students. After the assembly, members of the news media conducted interviews, autographs were signed and proud parents snapped photos.

In the end, the students at Warner had an assembly they won’t soon forget. And who knows, after admitting he likes spinach and Brussels sprouts, Stafford might have a few new fans at the local produce market. Here’s a Storify recap of tweets, pictures and articles written about the day’s events:




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