#WellnessWeds: My Fit Desk and How to Build a Desk Station for Your Treadmill

Most of us nowadays sit throughout our work day or at school. We have all heard the research about the benefits of moving throughout the day. This is important for children and adults alike. It helps with health, productivity, energy levels and much more.

Some Facts About Sitting

  • On average, Americans sit for 9.3 hours a day, while we only sleep an average of 7.7 hours.
  • Sitting at least 6 hours per day increases risk of death by 40 percent.
  • People who have jobs where they sit are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who stand for a job.
  • Sitting burns almost no calories.
  • After sitting for 2 hours, the good cholesterol (HDLs) drop by 20 percent.
  • People who sit and watch TV for at least 3 hours a day are 64 percent more likely to die from heart disease.
  • Those who watch 6 hours or more of TV a day may be cutting 5 years off their lives — almost as much as lifelong smokers.
  • After the age of 25, every hour viewed of TV decreases a person’s life by 22 minutes.

If reading that doesn’t want to make you stand and move, maybe some tools will help inspire you.

My Fit Desk

I recently got the best birthday present from my family — a Fit Desk. It is a bike that has a place for me to put my laptop, so I can work and slowly pedal at the same time. I love it, and it was less than $300 and very easy to put together. I am actually writing this blog while I pedal on it now.

The nice part is that you do get to sit down, but you must sit up straight. There is also adjustable resistance and a counter that measures time, distance and calories burned. You can also take off the “desk” piece and just use it as a workout bike.

If you already have a bike at home, they have more products that allow you to use your own bike as a stationary bike and work station. Having the Fit Desk is so simple, but it helps keep me motivated to move throughout the day and night.

If You Have a Treadmill…

We recently added three treadmill work stations at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Jefferson Building. They are great. The key is walking at a slower pace so you are still able to type and read without losing your balance. Again this is much better than sitting all day. It is a great way to break up the monotony of a typical work day and still be productive.

Unfortunately, most treadmill work stations are expensive. So I did a little research and found the following tutorial video, which teaches you how to make a work station for your treadmill at home. My husband plans on doing this for us by the end of the year. I can’t wait.

What do you do to keep you moving throughout the work day?

Photo Credit: Travis Wise via Flickr


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  1. Great article on the importance of not sitting too long. I move frequently by going into the kitchen for water or to use the micorwvave for a hot beverage. Also, taking two minute walks around the office or house.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and your comment, Greg!

      I love that you keep moving all day long and on top of that stay hydrated by drinking water as well. *high five*


    1. Thanks so much for reading and your comment, Pat.

      Yes, our plan is to make a desk work station for our treadmill too. For now the Fit Desk bike is perfect for me, since I am pregnant. But I am hoping my husband can pull off the desk for the treadmill as well. :o)

      Let me know if you make one and how it goes.

  2. Very good post. I am the COO at CalHealth, Inc. and we are developing health monitors such as blood pressure and glucose that we build inside computer mice so they can sit on your office desk.
    Would like to discuss. Thanks.

    1. Hi there Terry,

      Thanks so much for reading and your comment. What a great idea. Please feel free to email me at garriola@bcbsm.com. I would love to discuss this with you and if I am not the right person, I could share your information with others. Thanks so much.

    1. I am not sure about incentives on the Fit Desk, Sara. But if you email membersupport@bcbsm.com with the 800 number on the back of your card, I could direct your inquiry to the customer service team. You could also try calling.

      I do love the FitDesk. In these pictures I was pregnant, but I use the FitDesk at home even when I am watching TV. Great way to keep moving all evening. Thank you for your comment.

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