#WellnessWeds: 4 Kid-Approved Exercises Adults Will Love

Ahh, to be a kid again, with stress-free days of a lot of playing and learning. When I grew up, playing outside and being active was a normal part of my day, as was the case for most kids at that time. But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy some nostalgia by bringing back some kid-approved activities that make fun exercises for adults. 

Here are four fun exercises and workout ideas you can import from your kids.

Hula Hoop

Not only does hula hooping improve overall coordination, it also tones the body, working major muscles like the glutes, abs, thighs, hips and legs. It also provides flexibility to the spine and strengthens it, resulting in less risk of back injury.

Hula hooping for 30 minutes burns:

  • 204 calories for a person weighing 130 pounds
  • 222 calories for a person weighing 160 pounds
  • 246 calories for a person weighing 200 pounds

Weighted hula hoops will provide more of a challenge once hooping becomes too easy. You can also combine two hula hoops for more of a challenge.

Skipping Rope

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular workout as well as a muscle toner. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn while your body is at rest.

Jumping rope for 30 minutes burns:

  • 296 calories for a person weighing 130 pounds
  • 364 calories for a person weighing 160 pounds
  • 456 calories for a person weighing 200 pounds

Grab your jump rope and start skipping!

You’re It

Who doesn’t love a good game of tag? The game provides a great opportunity to get in a workout because of the spurts of start-and-stop running. This stimulates the metabolism (just like cardio blast workouts) by running, then resting, and repeating that activity. Be sure to challenge yourself while playing and running fast at times so you are burning the most amounts of calories for the time you put in.

Playing tag for 15 minutes can burn up to 90 calories for a person weighing 150 pounds.

Classic Sports

Let us not forget all of the classic sports that can be played and enjoyed by adults that will burn calories.

  • Playing catch
  • One on one basketball
  • Marco Polo (a variation of tag played in a swimming pool)
  • Touch or flag football
  • Beach volleyball

Whether you grab your kids or other adults to play these games with, get out there and move it!

Do you have fun workout ideas that remind you of being a kid?

Resource: Health Status

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