A Holistic Approach to Health

Our Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living program just turned 5! To celebrate the state’s first HMO plan that rewards customers for making better health choices, we’re offering tips from our health coaches about healthy habits anyone can adopt, how to deal with challenges and the best way to set goals. Today we have tips from Healthy Blue Living Health Coach Patty Kroll. Patty  enjoys working out at the gym, walking and golfing.

Look at Health Holistically

Patty says that health is a total effort, to live a long, healthy and successful life you must build a strong physical, emotional and mental foundation. By looking at health holistically, you can empower yourself to have the confidence to pursue your goals, persevere and move forward in a positive way.

Education is Key

Many people trying to get healthy look at one piece of the puzzle, either watching their nutrition or increasing their exercise. Understanding the need to consistently combine both, along with maintaining your emotional wellness, will give you what you need to truly make strides and become healthier and happier.

The Next Five Years

When setting health goals, challenge yourself! Continue to stay informed and educated and stick to your plan; it’s a lot easier to build on success than to put it together piece by piece. With motivation, increased activity and a focus on the goal, you set yourself up to live a happy, stress-free and healthy life.

We at Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network applaud Patty for her work with members, making them happier, healthier and motivating them to build strong physical, emotional and mental foundations. Join Patty and make your pledge for healthy living now by visiting the Healthy Blue Living anniversary celebration page.

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