SMART Goal Setting

Our Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living program just turned 5! To celebrate the state’s first HMO plan that rewards customers for making better health choices, we’re offering tips from our health coaches about healthy habits anyone can adopt, how to deal with challenges and the best way to set goals. Today we have tips from Healthy Blue Living Health Coach Tammi’ Jenifer, a lover of outdoor activities such as biking, walking and trampoline exercises.

Be SMART in Setting Goals
Tammi advises to set SMART goals to set yourself up for success by making your health priorities:

5 Healthy Habits
There are 5 healthy habits Tammi says everyone can adopt, and build from, everyday:
1. Get moving! Increase your daily steps.
2. Decrease the amount of unhealthy snacks.
3. Shop smarter and healthier by reading nutrition labels at the grocery store to make better choices.
4. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.
5. Drink plenty of water (approximately 64 ounces a day).

The Next Five Years
When making long-term plans, Tammi recommends building on your successes and focusing on achievable goals like increasing your daily movement and improving your dietary habits. As for Tammi, she’s set the goal of participating in a 10k bike a thon!

We at Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network will be cheering for Tammi on her bike and wish her the very best in health and happiness in the years to come! Join Tammi, and make your pledge for healthy living now by visiting the Healthy Blue Living anniversary celebration page.

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