Get Fit Fast, Week 7: Positive Results Prove That Losing Weight Isn’t an All-Or-Nothing Proposition

Angie after the 7 Week Get Fit Fast Journey

If you haven’t been following along with my Get Fit Fast series, my goal for the past seven weeks was twofold: Overall I wanted to lose the 10 pounds I gained during my second pregnancy — which I did (insert applause here) — by combining consistent exercise with disciplined, healthy eating.

Mixed Results

Here’s the catch: Being consistent with my workouts was challenging for me because I set the bar pretty high for myself of exercising at least five days a week using cardio and muscle confusion workouts. Normally I wouldn’t think this would pose a problem, but to be honest, I am still trying to achieve work-life balance with the recent expansion of my family.

Overall, I definitely increased my exercise on a weekly basis, averaging three times a week with at least one circuit consisting of 2-3 repetitions. I am very happy with how I feel and that my “normal” clothes finally fit (they are even a little big).

I feel like I lost the weight because I drastically cut back my portions (hey I was pregnant, it took a while to get the hang of normal portions again). If you want to lose weight fast but aren’t sure that you want to start out with exercise, I would strongly recommend that you choose healthy foods (using the food guide pyramid as a guide to get all of the food groups) and decrease your portions. I also made sure I ate breakfast within two hours of waking up to get my metabolism started as well.

Staying the Course

My plan when I get back from my vacation in Nashville next week is to continue with my fitness goals of getting fit and strong again. I am going to be more aggressive about scheduling time into my day to exercise. I am also going to try get in every little bit of physical activity I can throughout the day, like getting up and walking every hour for 5 minutes, taking the stairs, and doing desk exercises and stretches.

I will leave you with some final thoughts:

If you followed along with me, thank you for your support! I encourage you to continue to set and accomplish your health and fitness goals. And let me know if I can help you answer any questions about getting fit fast.

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Photo credit: Angie Jenkins


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