New Workout Equipment Lets You Torch Calories and Surf All Year Round

Living in Michigan doesn’t present a lot of surfing opportunities. Although I have traveled to numerous places where it is part of the culture, I have never myself been surfing. But the sport delivers a great workout for the legs, core, shoulders and other muscle groups.

SurfSet 101

A company called SurfSET Fitness invented this gnarly RipSurfer X that combines cardio, strength, high intensity interval training and paddling conditioning into what it calls “The only total body surf-style trainer.” It’s the shape and size of a surfboard that is made to be just as unstable as it would be in the water, forcing your muscles to work harder to first balance and then perform the exercise.

I have to admit, I am not the most graceful at times, and adding water to the mix may not be in my best interest. I have tried water skiing, snorkeling and tubing, nothing fancy; I actually prefer to be the lookout inside of the boat. So I have always thought of surfing as something I would like to do but realistically probably won’t.

You can purchase the RipSurfer X for a workout studio or a compact machine for home workouts. The machine is on back order and the website doesn’t have a price listed currently. I signed up for an email once the machines become available to see what the cost is.

Surf’s Up

I was skeptical at first, it didn’t sound realistic to me but after looking around on their website and watching a couple videos, I changed my mind. I love this concept for a workout and think this would be great both for surfers and non-surfers alike. (One point to note is that this type of exercise routine is “surf-inspired” fitness and does not teach a person to actually surf.)

Did I mention that a one-hour workout blasts 1,000 calories? Don’t get me wrong, you are going to have to work to burn those calories, but what an accomplishment when you are done! Here are some (what seem challenging) exercises (that are ironically the same names as some surfing terms) to do on the RipSurfer X:

  • Stand Up Paddle: Killer core workout
  • Hanging Heels: Mix between tight rope walking, calf-extensions and step-ups
  • The Surfer Sit Up: Traditional back bend, reaching behind your head rocking onto your heels then back to the upright position (yikes!)
  • Side Squats: Traditional squats with a flare
  • Reverse Knee Drops: Taking lunges to a new place
  • Duck Dive Push-Ups: One step further than a traditional push up

You can take a look at how it work in this video:

SurfSET Fitness: RipSurferX from SurfSET Fitness on Vimeo.

Like I said, this is a workout that will require dedication to build strength. I really wish there was a gym around mid-Michigan, where I live, or in Michigan at all that had a RipSurfer X machine to try out!

If you had access to try the RipSurfer X, would you?

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Photo credit: @lain G