How to Eat Like the Stars on Oscar Night

The Academy Awards is a popular evening for more than just the famous people. Oscar parties are popping up all over the place; some even require formal attire to attend.

I have not hosted or been to an Oscar party but think it would be fun. I do, however, like watching the Oscars (even though there always seems to be a movie I haven’t even heard of that is nominated). I like to see how the Hollywood superstars are glammed up and what crazy outfits they are wearing.

Oscar Snacks

If you are hosting or going to an Oscar party this year, here are some ideas for healthy dishes to make and share:

  • Open-faced silver dollar sandwiches — Save some calories and have just one piece of bread. Put any low calorie and low fat meat on it with a dab of fat free cream cheese.
  • Turkey pepperoni and cheese stick — Cut a couple slices of turkey pepperoni into four slices; pair that with a couple cubes of low-fat cheese, put together on a toothpick and serve.
  • Veggie tray and Ranch dip — Serve any and all veggies sliced alongside a packet of fat-free sour cream mixed with one dry Ranch dip packet.
  • Fat-free Jell-O with berries and fat free Cool Whip
  • Fat-free pudding with fat free cool whip
  • Fruit smoothies

Here are more healthy appetizers, desserts and drinks.

Whether or not you are going to an Oscar party, watching the show in your comfies at your house (or not watching it at all), these healthy food options are great for many occasions.

Do you have a favorite food to make for Oscar night?

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