Need to Get Fit Fast? Follow Along as I Try it Myself

I am going to Nashville in seven weeks on a mini vacation with just my husband — no kids — and I can’t wait! I thought since it will probably feel like forever to get there, what better way to keep me occupied than to exercise and reach my fitness goals? Not only will I be ready to celebrate my success, I will feel and look better too!

If you have an upcoming vacation by the beach, a class reunion, need to fit into a bridesmaid dress or just want to reach your health and wellness goals in a short time frame, join me! I’m going to post weekly updates here on A Healthier Michigan talking about my progress, the challenges I may run into, workouts I am doing and sharing other helpful tips. My goals is to provide you with good advice on how to lose a few pounds and get fit fast — and safely.

My Challenge

Here I am almost four and a half months after the birth of my son, feeling annoyed that all of the baby weight I gained during pregnancy isn’t gone yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am a lot closer to my goal the last couple of weeks than I have been and am encouraged by the results from my hard work. Despite that, however, I am not quite back to where I was prior to my second pregnancy.

I have a goal weight in mind, but if I don’t achieve that exact number, I am OK with it. I am more concerned with being healthy and fit. I will accomplish this through exercise, consistent exercise!

Here is my workout for the next 14 days from Prevention Magazine:

I hope to encourage and inspire you to make today the start of your health and wellness journey. I am excited to do this for myself and in turn, my family, as I hope you will be too.

Keep in Mind

Before starting a new fitness routine, always check with your doctor. Also keep in mind, the workouts I am doing personally and share in my blog posts, may have to be adapted to fit your fitness level.

Also be sure to schedule your workout days. The workout guide I am using for the first two weeks suggests doing these workouts six days a week. That isn’t feasible for me this week, so I am going to commit to five days. Be flexible but committed, don’t let suggestions deter you and exercise when you can. After all, some is better than none!

Don’t let the Nike billboard — “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” — be your motto.

What questions can I help you answer about how to get fit fast?

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