Weekend Hot Links: The Mitten Turns 175

Michigan this week marked its 175 year of statehood. Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice, everybody! (Party time!) So we’re devoting this week’s links post to a celebration of Great Lake State’s past, present and future, in all its multifaceted, conflicted, unbelievable, agonizing, wondrous glory. Because really, we love this place and all of its pleasant peninsula-ness.

  • Michigan is 175 years old and vital as ever (Freep)
  • Michigan celebrates 175: Worthy readings, commemorations and cake recipes (The Night Train)
  • A Capitol Salute to Michigan’s 175th (Great Lakes Gazette)
  • Photo Friday: A Michigan celebration (Midwest Guest)
  • #Mich175 = Happy 175th Birthday Michigan! (Michigan in Pictures)
  • MSU, Meijer launch ‘Made in Michigan’ initiative (MSU News)
  • Auto boom: 15,000 new jobs in Michigan? (Freep)


Photo by contemplative imaging



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