Mia’s Healthy Blue Living℠ Story: Making a Commitment and Losing 60 Pounds!

Our Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living program just turned 5! To celebrate the state’s first HMO plan that rewards customers for making better health choices, we’re profiling members like Mia Frassetto, who has lost more than 60 pounds and inspired family and friends to join her in creating a healthier future. We’re proud of our members’ stories and hope you’ll be inspired to join us in making a pledge to live a healthier life.

Meet Mia

Mia Frassetto works in agent services for Gadaleto, Ramsby and Associates, an East Lansing-based insurance firm specializing in marketing, administration and consulting of health and life insurance. When not at work, this seasoned Healthy Blue Living member enjoys getting out on the town with friends at dinners, concerts and shows, that is when she’s not walking her three dogs or taking them to the park.

When asked to rate the healthiness of her lifestyle on a scale of 1 to 10 when she joined the Healthy Blue Living program, one being the least healthy and 10 being the most, Mia was a “6.”  At the time she was a smoker and overweight, and she hoped to make a change for the better before her life choices had negative effects on her health. Today, Mia rates herself as an “8,” has lost 60 pounds, and has used the program to help quit smoking and lose the weight by eating right and working out more.

Making a Commitment to Others

“With Healthy Blue Living, not only do you have to go to your doctor to fill out a Qualification Form, but you have to commit to change your health behaviors that are not acceptable. It’s one thing to have a goal. But when you have to be accountable to someone other than yourself, it makes you kick it up to the next gear. Working with your doctor and having follow-up definitely helps you stay on track.” – Mia Frassetto

“In January 2008, a lot of employees in the office started Healthy Blue Living. We were all in the mindset to lose weight and improve our health. A lot of my coworkers have also been really motivated by the plan to improve as well.  Since we have joined the Healthy Blue Living Program we have been doing a Biggest Loser Program at work

every year.  We are a small company of slightly under 40 but there are quite a few coworkers who have lost significant amounts of weight and overall we just feel like a much healthier group of people.” – Mia Frassetto

The Next Five Years

“I am on the cusp of getting an acceptable BMI so I am going to continue to work on achieving that.  I have started jogging a little bit and hope to run my first 5k this year.” – Mia Frassetto

Healthy Blue Living 5-year logo

We at Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network will be cheering for Mia at her first 5K and wish her the very best in health and happiness in the years to come!  Join Mia, and make your pledge for healthy living now by visiting the Healthy Blue Living anniversary celebration page.



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