Animated Video ’23 and 1/2 Hours’ Puts Health Improvement in Profound Perspective

Imagine that you are having a conversation with someone that you love, a person that you care about more than words can describe. Now I want you to consider what advice you would give this person if they had questions about their health and what one single thing they could do to improve it. Would you be confident in giving them an answer? Or would you wonder about the answer yourself?

Most likely you’d consider the person’s gender, occupation, age, daily food habits and past health history before giving a reply. Surely the answer would not be the same for a young male college student who also works full time as for a newly retired individual who has struggled with obesity all of her life… or should it be?

A remarkable “visual lecture” was brought to my attention and allowed me to realize that there is an answer that applies to basically everyone, me included. The lecture is given by Dr. Mike Evans, and might I add that the animation is awesome! So what is the single best thing we can do for our health? I love this: EXERCISE, mostly WALKING! It can help with many different health problems such as depression, dementia and Alzheimers, diabetes, post-menopausal issues, plus numerous other issues.

Dr. Mike Evans stresses that the best thing you can do for your health is to be active for approximately 30 minutes per day, striving for no less than 21 minutes daily or 150 minutes per week. Daily walking is suggested: “Walking is a man’s best medicine” is a quote attributed to Hippocrates and reconfirmed by Dr. Evans. He shares that many Americans spend their 24-hour day sitting at work, couch surfing, and sleeping. Dr. Evans suggests that we change that and spend 23½ hours doing those things and half an hour being active to improve quality of life!

He goes over the fact that obesity and no exercise is a very bad combination, yet stresses that if an obese person is active it is much better for their health than being inactive. It only makes sense that staying active lessens many of the negative consequences of obesity. It also makes sense that low fitness is one of the strongest predictors of death — but that doesn’t have to be you!

Remember this: if you want to reduce the likelihood of heart disease, it has been proven to decline if you stay active around 30 minutes per day. How much, how often and how intense are all factors.

Dr. Evans shares some information about a study that they did in Japan regarding commutes to work. If a person walked under 10 minutes to work there was no change in high blood pressure, but when a person walked 11 to 20 minutes to work, there was a 12 percent reduction. Walking for 21 minutes gave a 29 percent reduction in the chance of having high blood pressure.

You may also find a study done by the Australian, Lennert Veerman, who found that those who watch about six hours of television daily live about five years less. Unfortunately, the average adult in the U.S. watches about five hours per day — so yes, television watching is considered bad for your health.

The statistic that really stood out is that 67 percent of dog walkers will achieve 150 minutes of walking per week just with dog walking alone! Just one more reason why I advocate taking your dog on a daily walk — it really does work, for you and your cuddly canine!

Please, I want you to take the time to watch this today and share it with someone — or EVERYONE! It’s the only way we can spread the word about the single best thing you can do for your health. And it can be started today!


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