Steve’s Healthy Blue Living℠ Story: Walking Off the Pounds!

Our Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living program just turned 5!  To celebrate the state’s first HMO plan that rewards customers for making better health choices, we’re profiling members like Steve McDonald, who has lost more than 30 pounds and inspired family and friends to join him in creating a healthier future.  We’re proud of our members’ stories and hope you’ll be inspired to join us in making a pledge to live a healthier life.

Meet Steve

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Steve McDonald is a social worker at Thresholds, a private, non-profit social services agency in Grand Rapids and a seasoned Healthy Blue Living member.  When not helping people by day, Steve breeds and raises tropical fish and tinkers on antique cars.  (He’s lucky enough to own both a ’66 Ford Mustang and a ’48 Ford F-1 pick-up truck!)

When asked to rate his lifestyle on a scale of 1 to 10 when he joined the Healthy Blue Living program, one being the least healthy and 10 being the most, Steve was a “7.”  He admits to being overweight and having trouble controlling both his blood pressure and cholesterol.  Today, he rates himself a “9”!  He attributes this change to walking with the Walkingspree program after surviving a heart attack a few years ago.  Steve lost 35 pounds to date and both his blood pressure and cholesterol are under control, thanks to his new, improved lifestyle that includes walking daily, rain or shine.

His Commitment Inspires Others!

Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald

“Today my eating and diet habits are better than ever and the Walkingspree program has helped me stay consistent with my daily walking.  Physically and mentally I feel the difference not carrying around that extra weight. I also dropped two pants sizes and one shirt size so far. My family, friends and colleagues have noticed the weight loss and asked me to tell my story.  I’m excited to inspire them to join me in my endeavor to walk daily.  At work I started a walk club and a walking event at the company picnic.” – Steve McDonald

The Next Five Years

“I have set the goal to lose at least 25 more pounds to be at or below the suggested weight my physician suggests. I expect that my continued daily walking and improved eating habits will prevent further cardiac problems and lead me to a longer/healthier life span.” – Steve McDonald

We at Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network hope so, too, Steve and wish him many years of health and happiness with those fish and vintage Fords! Join Steve, and make your pledge for healthy living now by visiting Healthy Blue Living anniversary celebration page.


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