Make a ‘Get Healthy’ New Year’s Resolution? I’m Here to Help

Runners compete in the New Year's Resolution 8K run in Flint.

“My New Year’s resolution is to lose some weight.”

I wonder how many people have made that declaration as we put the old year behind us and welcome in a fresh, new year. Personally I feel that it is a wonderful, if not absolutely FANTASTIC goal to set for yourself as long as you continue to remember why you have made this resolution to yourself in the first place.

I can assume that you have set this goal for yourself because you realize it’s time to shed those excess pounds, which will not only make you feel and look better, but you’ll be healthier too! Every bit of effort — no matter how large or small — that you put forth to keep this promise to yourself will be worth it. Remember that, okay? Just keep going!

I used to think my efforts were wasted. Maybe that’s because I would always forget why I made that same New Year’s resolution for 25 consecutive years in the first place. I forgot why once my weight-loss attempts became too difficult to handle, which was usually by the sixth or seventh day into January. I intentionally forgot why I set this resolution (maybe because it was a way to cope), forgetting little things like how much I despised trying to find clothes large enough to fit me, the tears I cried when I looked at the numbers on the bathroom scale and the image I saw in a full-length mirror every single day of the previous year.

And I forgot something much more important than all of those things … the health risks created by being overweight.

So that’s why I am here for you. I refuse to let you forget why you have set this New Year’s resolution for yourself. You want to feel and look better… and even more, you want to be healthier, right? I will remind you that you can keep this promise — it will not be broken this time. Once again, every bit of effort you put forth will be worth it as you focus on better health and a happier you.

Here is a motto to help you get there: “With each step I am taking today, no matter how big or small, I am that much closer to my goal. I will not quit and I will keep this promise to myself, period!”

It worked for me 11 years ago and it can work for you! And don’t forget: If you would like any weight loss tips, motivation or just someone to share your feelings with, I’m here … every day of the year!

Thank you for a wonderful 2011 ~ HAPPY 2012 to EACH OF YOU!

Photo by I Run Flint

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