Weekend Hot Links: Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

The final Links post of 2011 reflects Michigan’s honest reality: We’ve got some big problems facing us, but in some ways, we’re better off than we were just a couple years earlier. We’ve got all the potential in the world, but it’s up to no one but ourselves to save us. Think about that and have a happy new year!

Week of Dec. 25-31: The Food Network rides the Detroit bandwagon and other trends in eats; what bicycling portends for Motown; a clever video puts health and exercise in a new perspective; positive business trends for the Mitten; and why Rust Belt cities should embrace decay. Drink responsibly, New Year’s party people!

  • The best Michigan business stories of 2011 (Freep)
  • Detroit, Michigan: The Non-Motorized City? (Global Site Plans)
  • 7 unexpected health benefits of 2011 (The Week)
  • FOOD! DETROIT! THE BEST YEAR EVER! [2011 edition] (Eat It Detroit)
  • Planned renovations will make Detroit gems sparkle (News)
  • Things are Broke. Can Ruin Porn Help? (Rust Wire)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Check out more “Detroit Happenings” from Global Site Plans | The GRID at
    Considering the mild Michigan winter we are having … it’s a perfect time to go check out the Detroit RiverWalk and take a bike ride down the Dequindre Cut. The ice rink is also open at Campus Martius Park! Make it a great weekend!

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