A Healthier Michigan’s Top 5 Favorite Reader Posts in 2011

A screenshot from Beyonce's "Move Your Body" music video.

Here we are at another year’s end, saying goodbye to 2011 and HELLO to a successful, healthy and fun 2012!

It has been a great experience for me to be a writer on A Healthier Michigan this year. It has also been interesting to see what blog posts our readers have enjoyed as well.

Top 5 Reader Favorites for 2011:

  1. 11 Healthy and Delicious Summer Recipes — Everything from tasty appetizers to desserts were featured for Michigan’s all-too-brief summer season. It even has healthier options for  beverages, both with and without alcohol.
  2. Avoiding the Slump: Combating that 2:30 Feeling — What causes us to get so sleepy at our desks during the afternoon? Apparently, readers can empathize. This post discusses how to avoid it and what to do if it sneaks up on you.
  3. How Beyonce Inspires Us to Move — Inspired by first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, Beyonce created two dance tutorials for kids (and their parents) to learn to become more active.
  4. 14 Changes I made to Lose 162 Pounds in Less than 2 Years — Read about featured columnist Jodi Davis’ inspiring weight-loss journey and how she managed it.
  5. 7 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas that are Made in Michigan — Even though the holidays are over for 2011, keep these great gift ideas in mind in 2012 for birthday and other occasions.

As we wrap up 2011, I reflect back on what an awesome year it was for me as I gave birth to my second child, Walter Todd Jenkins. I love the start of a New Year, it is magical and can be inspirational and is also a great time to think about what positive and healthy changes can be made.

Let’s take some time this week to focus on what we want to accomplish in 2012!



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