Stay Healthy and Embrace the Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is almost over, and it’s hard not to notice all the food you’ve consumed in the past few weeks and the leftovers in the kitchen. Add freezing temperatures and snow covered streets and you have a recipe for a couch potato. Instead of staying inside, embrace the winter weather and take advantage of sports and activities you can do.

Hit the Slopes

Ski trips are great during this time of year and Michigan has some of the best ski resorts around. However, with icy cold temperatures, you need to have the proper gear. Stop by a sporting goods store, such as MC Sports, to pick up warm, water-proof snow pants, jackets, gloves and all the necessary items before heading out to the ski hill. Each hour spent skiing or snowboarding burns an estimated 570 calories*.

Do Your Chores…

If you don’t want to go far from your house, take advantage of a snow storm and shovel your driveway. Shoveling is fun for a family with cabin fever; you can even add in a spontaneous snow ball fight to keep the activity fun! Also, you are losing another 400 calories!

Stay Indoors-Outside of the House

If you’re sick of cold weather activities, indoor sports facilities are always available. Soccer, volleyball, lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee are only a few of the sports related activities available. Join a league and you have a committed workout every week. Indoor swimming centers, like the Holland Community Aquatic Center, are also great places to go for the day.

What activities do you plan to do when the snow hits?

Regardless of what activity you choose, it is important to get out of the house this winter season, and members of the Michigan Blues can take advantage of exclusive discounts at these facilities. If you’re a BCBSM member, visit to start saving on fun family activities now!

*Based on one hour of activity for a 145 lb woman.

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