If You Want a Faithful Walking Partner, Consider Adopting a Dog

Every year around this time my girlfriends and I enjoy an evening out, a party which includes a nice dinner and some fun gift-exchanging. On Friday I received an amazing gift and better yet, I also had the opportunity to meet a new friend — another mom who is eagerly anticipating the birth of her second child. And yes, I will say I’m slightly jealous. I just love babies — they always make me smile.

The Other Friends

Which takes me to a second party I attended this past weekend, a place where I find something else that always makes me smile: dogs! On Saturday I attended the Annual  Holiday Open House at the Humane Society of Southwest Michigan. I made some new friends there too, many of whom I wished I could take home with me. But I already have two dogs, and since they both come along during my daily walks, more than two dogs may be a little too much for me to handle, since I only have two arms!

But some people can handle walking more than two dogs at one time; in fact, there are several dog owners that do so in our small community. I have noticed that there are actually more dog owners than ever who are now walking their “best friends” on a daily basis, and I love it!

I’ve actually been told by these dog owners that if they didn’t own a dog, they probably wouldn’t be taking a walk each day. They claim that the dog gives them a reason to walk and basically keeps them accountable.


Dogs are truly one of the best walking companions you could ever have, since the majority of dogs are ready to walk any time of the day, in any weather, for any distance. They obviously don’t complain and appear to enjoy every step, often having a way of letting you know that they don’t want to return home since they don’t want their walk to end. If you are a dog owner, you know exactly what I mean.

Sierra, my dog that walked with me every step during my 162-pound weight loss, had a way of letting me know that she wanted to keep walking. She’d see we were approaching our home and then begin to look back at me often as she sped up a little bit. It was like she was telling me, “Let’s just walk a little more, please?”

Now my two dogs, Izzie and Skyla, do the exact same thing. This shows me how much that they enjoy our daily walks — but then, why wouldn’t they? They know the daily exercise is good for their health, too! And you know, I like knowing that I rescued both of my dogs from the local animal shelter.

If you happen to be looking for a new friend that not only brings a smile to your face but may also help you lead a healthier lifestyle, maybe you can think about adopting a dog. They truly do keep you accountable and make great walking companions. Honestly, a friendly companion, such as a dog (or two), can do your heart good — in more ways than one!

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