Weekend Hot Links: Mad Mitten Edition

Wisconsin has cheese, the Packers and overgarnished Bloody Marys. Can we just have our Mitten back already?

Week of Dec. 4-10: Multiple takes on the Mitten controversy; how walkability shapes up in metro Detroit; patience required as Amtrak goes high-speed; a retail backlash against Amazon; and could a new Detroit River bridge have pedestrian access? Bundle up against the cold with some nice hot links!

  • The great mitten debate: Here’s what you said about Michigan vs. Wisconsin (Freep)
  • Mad About the Mitt (Great Lakes Gazette)
  • Fast trains from Detroit to Chicago coming in 3-4 years (Freep)
  • Biking and walking on the new Detroit bridge? (m-bike.org)
  • Metro Detroit: The walkability factor (m-bike.org)
  • Should Amazon.com pay Michigan tax? Retail groups say yes, as Amazon offers discount to walk out of local stores (Grand Rapids Press)

And in this week’s bonus video, a look at Grand Rapids’ HollyJolly via Rapid Growth:

Photo by katerha



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