Know a Health Success Story? Nominate Someone For the Governor’s Fitness Awards

The author poses with Jon Stanton, after each won the Charles T. Kuntzleman Award in 2010.

Do you personally know someone (or a group of individuals) who is truly committed to healthy living, so much so that he or she has become “a role model” by encouraging and promoting good health on a continuous basis?

As I mentioned in my last post, there are several individuals that I know who do just that… but I’m more concerned about your answer. The Governor’s Fitness Awards are fast approaching, offering a platform for recognizing individuals, public officials, and organizations that are committed to healthy living. I would like to ask you to please honor a person (or organization) that you know who is dedicated to a lifestyle of good health by nominating them to receive a Governor’s Fitness Award. (Details are below.)

If you would like a little assistance here, I encourage you to revisit some of the success stories from my past posts or elsewhere that focus on individuals who you may feel deserve this honor:

I’m proud to say that Jon Stanton, who occasionally guest blogs for A Healthier Michigan, received a Governor’s Fitness Award in 2009, and I received the same award in 2010: the Charles T. Kuntzleman Award. Not only were we honored to receive such a prestigious award, but the evening when it was received made for a night of amazing memories!

Jon and I both agree that receiving the Governor’s Fitness Award means more to us than we can put into words, yet  Jon did have this to say:

“Winning the Governor’s Fitness Award in 2009 was an awesome experience. Just two years previous to that award, I had embarked on a journey to change my life forever. I weighed 430 pounds, had high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes and would have never dreamed in a million years that I would ever win any kind of award related to healthy living!

“Receiving the award was a great feeling, but it was even more exciting to hear about the various programs to promote healthy living in Michigan through the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and the Michigan Fitness Foundation. These organizations are helping low-income Michiganders find access to healthy food, encouraging kids to develop healthy habits and working to improve the health and access to healthy communities for all of Michigan’s citizens.

“Losing more than 200 pounds changed my life forever. It’s been great to work together with Jodi and others to encourage other Michigan citizens to do the same thing.”

Next year there will be two gala events held during the month of April — one at the state Capitol building, where each of the award winners will be honored. Please take a moment of your time to nominate an individual, an organization or an event, that you have witnessed to show a dedication towards better health and making Michigan a better place to live:

Organization Award

To nominate someone for this prestigious award, fill out an application form at The application deadline is Dec. 31, 2011.

Who would you like to see recognized for their health achievement?



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