Inside the #Movember Men’s Health Initiative With ‘The Ron Swansons’ of Team Detroit

Daniel Eizans and his Movember moustache.

The Moustaches of Movember continue growing unabated, helping to raise awareness of and money for men’s health issues and prostate cancer. We recently checked in with Daniel Eizans, a lead strategist at Team Detroit, an advertising agency in Dearborn, and a member of the The Ron Swansons team.

The team is named for the moustache-bearing, meat-loving character from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” The team had registered more than $4,000 in funds raised for men’s health research efforts on its website.

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A Healthier Michigan: Tell me about your team. Is it all Team Detroit people?

Eizans: We are an all-agency team. At last count there were 28 members of the Ron Swansons as we had two teams merge. That said, Team Detroit is a big agency (we have more than 1,000 employees) and I’m certain there are other Mo Brothas and Sistas who are part of separate efforts. As far as I know we’re the biggest though.

Why the name Ron Swanson, after the TV character?

We chose the Ron Swansons because the team was such a big fan of the character of the same name on the NBC show Parks and Rec. Nick Offerman has so many great lines in the show and I think the team wanted a real man’s man to be our namesake.

How would you evaluate the quality of the moustaches being cultivated by your teammates?

The Ron Swansons have a really good mix of youngsters and agency veterans. Some of us are growing better than others. Some of us are downright frightful to look at. The guys who are fresh out of college look like the need to be locked up for even trying to grow their facial hair out.

How is your own coming along? Is this your first time growing one?

I personally come from a long line of fine facial hair. My father had one when I was a kid and I always remember it being there until I hit my teens. I’m actually really happy with my moustache so far and plan on getting into the grooming now that it’s about two weeks old. I’ve really been excited about using some moustache wax and playing with the sides a bit now that it’s starting to get some volume.

I’m a bit of a veteran when it comes to growing out my facial hair (I’ve rocked a beard and many styles of goatees), but this is my first effort in dedicating my manly talents to a thoroughbred moustache. Needless to say, my wife is not pleased, although my son seems to get a kick out of pulling it with his four-month-old little hands.

How is Team Ron Swanson promoting itself?

So far, we’ve been using social media, but we’re hoping to throw some sort of an event or get a team outing together to get out there and fundraise. Half the fun of putting yourself through the looks, stares and uncomfortable spouses is getting out there and talking about your Mo. I think a lot of us are looking forward to doing something really big to celebrate our efforts or lack of effort.



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