Get Your Tail Feather to a Local Turkey Farm This Holiday Season

Getting a fresh and locally raised turkey this Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that you have to hunt for one yourself. Buying local turkey is a great way to support the Michigan economy while eating fresh and high quality meat.

Most local turkey farms do not use antibiotics or hormones on their turkeys, and can be a much healthier choice for you and your family during the holidays.

The list below shows primarily farms in Michigan that sell Thanksgiving turkeys. However, you do not need to go straight to the farm to find local turkeys. Many local farmers markets sell turkeys from these local farms, including Eastern Market in Detroit. Going to a farmers market is usually a bit quicker of a drive and gives you a few more options to choose from while you’re there.

Be sure to snag your local turkey soon, as demand for locally raised produce has increased and most local turkey farms sell out before Thanksgiving. Some local farms have waiting lists or the ability to reserve your turkey by calling before you make the trip to the farm.

This list is also good to keep handy during the year when looking for fresh and local meat, eggs and veggies.

If you know of any farms that raise turkeys that I left off the list, leave a comment below and I will add them! Where do you buy your Thanksgiving turkeys from?

Photo credit: Jay Tamboli

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