5 Reasons to Run a Turkey Trot Race on Thanksgiving

Want to start off Thanksgiving Day with a little activity before the big feast?

Turkey Trot races have multiplied in recent years, and there are Thanksgiving Day races taking place all over Michigan. Here are five great reasons to find one near you this year:

  1. It’s a smart way to kick off a gluttonous day. Thanksgiving Day is all about family, friends and feasting. You’ll be sitting for long periods, drinking and eating a lot of high-calorie, high-carb foods that will leave you feeling like a stuffed turkey. Starting the morning with a vigorous workout helps speed up your metabolism, which helps your body process and use all those calories more efficiently. You’ll feel less guilty about scarfing all that great food.
  2. There’s usually a charity aspect to Turkey Trot races. Whether it’s benefiting the local food pantry or a homeless shelter, it’s nice to know your entry fee is going to more than simply recouping costs for staging the race.
  3. It’s really fun. Turkey Trots tend to attract eccentric types who don costumes — I’ve seen lots of turkeys, of course, but also Spider-Man, Superman, pilgrims, guys in business suits and Santa Claus. Add in unpredictable weather, and things can get crazy quickly.
  4. It’s a great way to establish a new Thanksgiving tradition. My wife and I and a group of friends have been running the Detroit Turkey Trot every year now for almost a decade. After the race, we decamp to someone’s house, where we warm up with a big pot of coffee, mix bloody Marys, put out a breakfast spread and watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV.
  5. It’s motivation to avoid hitting the bar the night before Thanksgiving, which is one of the biggest bar nights of the year.

Did I miss any points? What are your favorite things about running in a Turkey Trot? Where are you running this year?

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