Game Show Time For Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition Contestants

The Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III women's team contestants, from left: Helen Atwell, Angela Gallegos and Amanda Barker.

Quick! Test your knowledge of healthy living by answering the following questions, which were part of a fun game show competition on the Biggest Loser: Detroit Edition III. When you’re done scroll to the bottom (no cheating!) for the answers.

  1. Should you perform cardio or resistance exercises first?
  2. What grade of beef is the highest in fat?
  3. How many egg whites would you use in a recipe to substitute for two eggs?
  4. True or false: You should never snack after 8 p.m.

These questions were part of a game show that Biggest Loser contestants Amanda, Angela, Helen, James, Greg and Ryan participated in last week. The competition was close, with the men beating out the ladies by one point.

Check out a recap of the game show below:

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Answers: 1. Resistance; 2. Prime cuts; 3. Four; 4. False



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