Fellas, Are You Too ‘Manly’ to Walk With Your Wife or Girlfriend?

Ladies, I’m wondering if this is something that happens to many of you: being married to a man who likes to walk but refuses to walk in his own neighborhood.

This “problem” was explained to me the other day, and at first I didn’t understand why a man would do this, but then his wife informed me why. She stated that her husband feels that if the two of them walk in certain areas where they can be seen by others, it’s not “cool.”

Here is a situation that I view in a different manner. I want to understand why he feels that being seen by other people as he walks down the street isn’t “cool.” None of the men in my family have a problem with this. My 20-year-old son, my husband, my dad, my brother-in-laws, and my daughter’s boyfriend take walks — oftentimes with me — and I don’t recall them complaining about being seen walking in public. So it surprised me even more when the woman’s friend explained that her husband has the exact same issue!

Okay, so luckily the conversation did not end there. I was happy to learn that the second woman’s husband may not walk in their neighborhood, but he does look forward to walking at their local nature center. What a great idea — he found a place to walk where his buddies can’t see him. Hey, if it works, why not?

It’s possible that you’re married to a man who shares this man’s view of walking in public and that this has caused you to look for an alternative walking route to exercise together. Why not take a drive to a nature center near you? I think it really is a perfect time for a walk in the woods… especially with the autumn leaves at their peak and the cool weather that allows you to walk in comfort.

I found this link to help you locate a nature center near you.

But I still want to know what leads men to feel as if being seen in public walking and taking care of their good health in this manner isn’t “cool.” I really hope that the two couples mentioned above are the minority, that the majority of men do not agree with their views.

Why are men leery of being seen walking in public? Is it seen as too “feminine?” I’d love to understand what they are thinking.

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