6 Great Health Benefits of Eggs (and 7 ‘Egg-ceptional’ Recipes)

Earlier this week I weighed the nutritional benefits of the egg white versus the egg yolk. In reality the egg is something you should keep as a part of your diet. It is easy to prepare, delicious and good for you.

Here are a few more reasons why eating eggs is important for your body:

  1. One egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and all nine essential amino acids.
  2. Eggs are great for the eyes. According to one study, an egg a day may prevent macular degeneration due to the carotenoid content, specifically lutein and zeaxanthin. Both nutrients are more readily available to our bodies from eggs than from other sources. In another study, researchers found that people who eat eggs every day lower their risk of developing cataracts, also because of the lutein and zeaxanthin in eggs.
  3. They are a good source of choline. One egg yolk has about 300 micrograms of choline, an important nutrient that helps regulate the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system.
  4. Eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring vitamin D.
  5. Eggs may prevent breast cancer. In one study, women who consumed at least six eggs per week lowered their risk of breast cancer by 44 percent.
  6. Eggs promote healthy hair and nails because of their high sulphur content and wide array of vitamins and minerals.

Egg-ceptional Recipes

I love eggs for breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner. I love breakfast for dinner (which I call “brinner”), and eggs are a great way to do this. There are so many different ways to prepare and enjoy eggs, from scrambled to hard-boiled to poached or mixed as an egg salad. I also love that eggs are easy to prepare and pair very well with many different vegetables.

Here are a few of my favorite egg recipes that are delicious and healthy:

  • Mini Chile Relleno Casseroles — sometimes I dice other peppers into this dish too
  • Deviled Eggs — sometimes I add a little bit of curry powder to change it up
  • Artichoke-Scrambled Egg Benedict — most of the time I don’t use the pancetta and I will poach the eggs like a traditional egg Benedict.
  • Bacon, Egg and Asparagus Pizza — I use this recipe as the foundation for this pizza, but I have tried a variety of different vegetables and toppings.
  • Green Eggs and Ham Frittata — I love this on St. Patrick’s Day or sometimes the morning before a big Michigan State game.
  • Italian Egg-Drop Soup — I have added tiny little meatballs to this to make it the ultimate combination of Italian Wedding Soup and Asian Egg Drop Soup.
  • My favorite sandwich is what I call the B.L.A.T.E. It is a BLT doctored up to include avocado or guacamole and egg. I like to have an over-medium egg on whole grain bread, or I will make an egg salad and put the BLATE in a wrap. It is yumtastic!

I would love to hear about some of your favorite egg recipes. When is your favorite time of day to eat eggs? What’s your favorite way to prepare them? I hope you have an egg-cellent day!

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  1. I really liked the table of nutritional values. I’ve long been making my once-a-week omelets at home with 3 egg whites and 1 yolk (because all-whites just didn’t taste good enough for me). And now I feel like your analysis of whites vs. yolks gives me permission to use my 3-to-1 recipe guilt-free.  Thank you, Grace!

  2. Recent research has been lately showing how the trans fat in egg is refined by most individuals systems in a way that doesn’t produce heart disease and that health trans fat does not always change to raised blood trans fat or even an undesirable rate of Hdl to LDL trans fat. 

  3. I wake up hungry in middle of nite. I ate egg salad sandwich rested better and didn’t get up looking for hunger fix

  4. About six months ago, the oldest person in the world died. When she was a teen her doctor told her to eat three eggs a day. I believe she had anemia. She ate three eggs a day for the rest of her life. Most days it was one raw and two in an omelette. I guess nobody ever told her that eggs were filled with dangerous elements like cholesterol(at least dangerous according to what so many people say about them)it’s estimated she ate well over 100,000 eggs in her very long life. She lived to 117 years old and lived on her own( without live in help) until she was 115.

    People should worry less about obsessing over food and spend more time balancing whatever food they prefer to eat with a regular regimen of fitness. Eating sensibly and honouring your body by keeping muscles strong and vibrant regardless of your age is the key to not just longevity, but also quality of life.

  5. I’m so glad I found this health about eggs. I love eggs but I thought if you eat a lot of eggs a week is bad for you. The recipes are great and I’ll try them.

  6. I scramble 2 eggs and Colby Jack Cheese in the microwave, meanwhile place soft taco shell in a frying pan to heat. When hot, turn over add egg & cheese to half of shell sprinkle with bacon bits fold over. Remove from heat, open back up and add avocado slices.

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