Bored With Your Exercise Routine? Maybe it’s Time to Dance

When was the last time you danced? I’m not talking about the slow, romantic type of dancing; no, I’m referring to fast-paced, energetic dancing… you know, the kind of dancing that allows you to truly smile from the inside out.

So many people feel like they can’t dance – something I’ve never quite understood. Well, I’m telling you that you CAN dance; actually, that you MUST dance! It’s a great way to allow yourself to just let go and enjoy the moment. I understand that you may not want anyone else to watch you while you dance… who said you needed an audience?  Turn up the music and allow yourself to “feel it” – and dance like you’ve never danced before!

Don’t sit there and shake your head no… there isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t allow yourself to do this every once in a while. I do! Maybe not every day, but there are times when I just need to stop thinking about everything else. Dancing feels great and it definitely increases my heart rate. Depending on your current weight, 30 minutes of vigorous dancing can burn roughly 150 – 300 calories.

Sometimes when I start dancing I’ll check the time and then try to dance for at least 20 minutes. It really is a great work out as long as you don’t stop between songs. The goal is to keep moving and make it fun. Remember, there is no wrong or right way to dance, as long as you’re having fun.

Notice how great you feel while you are dancing… and please, don’t feel embarrassed, just tell yourself that you deserve to feel great. Life can be crazy at times, often bringing extra stress that you don’t need. To me, it’s just one more reason why you should just “crank up those tunes” and let it all go for awhile.

And if you happen to have young children, ask them to join you… they’ll show you how to have fun while dancing! Have you ever seen a young child frown while dancing? You once used to be that same child… bring that inner child back for awhile and have some fun.

I want you to attempt to do the Cha-Cha, Charleston, hustle, jig, jitterbug, jive, mambo, polka or twist; or, be like John Travolta and perform a little disco dance. See, you’re smiling already, that’s what you should be doing – forget about everything else and simply DANCE!

Again, it’s just one more (dance) step towards a healthier lifestyle – one that you DESERVE.

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  1. Ah yes, this is true – dancing is really fun.  Time passes by and before you know it,
    another weight-loss session is done, and you have enjoyed every minute of
    it!  I realized I’m not a big fan of
    exercise, and I easily get bored with gym exercises.  I discovered zumba,
    and I got hooked.  Its pulsing beat and
    rhythm can really get you worked up, and it’s been effective so far.  I love your article.

    1. Gen Gatch,

      I’m so happy to learn that you feel that DANCING IS FUN!!!   I agree with you, one hundred percent. Yes, Zumba is awesome, it’s so easy to become “hooked” … fun & effective for sure!

      Thank you for the compliment, I enjoy knowing that you loved my article – it brings a smile to my day!  Keep me posted on any other FUN exercises that you might try … I’m always wondering “what else is out there” that I haven’t learned about yet!

      Jodi Davis

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