Vacation on One Tank of Gas: Ideas for People on a Budget

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Money is tight for many people these days, and I think college students are hit hard by this problem. I mean, you’ve all heard that Ramen noodles comprise the majority of our diet – and it’s not because they’re super delicious – I’ll tell you that.

So how do we relax and get the most out of our summer on tight budgets? Let me introduce you to the little known secret of the “tank of gas” vacation. Yup, you read it right: you can take a full-blown vacation on just one tank of gas.

Here are just a handful of the awesome vacation places just a tank of gas away from you!

Frankenmuth, MI
Endearingly referred to as Michigan’s little Bavaria, Frankenmuth offers more attractions than you probably have time for! It’s famous for Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the world’s largest Christmas store, and the quaint look and feel of the town. Other attractions worth mentioning are the Frankenmuth Brewery and the Bavarian Inn Lodge, a Bavarian themed family resort.

Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)
Towering roller coasters, refreshing water rides, restaurants and even a marina – need I say more? Cedar Point has been a summer fun destination for all ages ever since its opening, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s the time.

Niagara Falls (Ontario, OH)
Besides the main attractions (gorgeous towering falls) there is something here for everybody. Casino Niagara provides some entertainment for the adults, while novelty businesses like the Guinness World Records Museum and Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks are fun for all ages. Don’t forget to take a ride at Ripley’s Moving Theater, or on one of the Niagara boat tours.

Ann Arbor, MI
Think all Ann Arbor has to offer is the University of Michigan? Nope, you’re wrong! This city has a lot going on. It’s not only home to the nationally renowned Art Fair, but also the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and the unique Kerrytown Market and Shops. Plus its State Street is home to numerous interesting little shops worth checking out.

Grand Rapids, MI
This city is particularly exciting because it offers access to the Great Lakes for those who need a beach getaway. Check out Calder Plaza, which hosts many of the area’s festivals and special events, or take a stroll around the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Even if you choose to just walk some of the city’s streets, you’re bound to be entertained by its wide array of little shots and galleries.

Surprised that so much great stuff is so close to you? All it takes is a little research and you can find many more tank of gas vacations to enjoy before the summer is through!

What are some of your favorite close-by vacation spots? Are there any new ones you plan on checking out this month?

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