The 3rd Annual Buy Michigan Now Festival: A Celebration of All Things Michigan

Myself, Angie Jenkins, and Grace Derocha

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about 5 Michigan Businesses to Check Out this Summer. This past Friday, I went to an event that was all about Michigan business. The 3rd Annual Buy Michigan Now Festival took place Friday through Sunday in downtown Northville.

First of all, I had never been to downtown Northville, so if you’re like me and haven’t gotten around to it, I highly recommend going. It’s a really fun city with many unique businesses and great people.  On top of that, the streets were filled with vendors that came in for the event. These weren’t just any vendors – in order to qualify for a booth, businesses were required to operate in Michigan, be headquartered in Michigan, or be a Michigan-owned franchise or affiliate.

Challenge Yourself

If you’re not familiar with the Buy Michigan Now program, it’s definitely something to look into.  The idea behind the movement is simple: challenging people to think about Michigan when purchasing products. I know that sometimes I get in a rut of thinking that I am just one person and that alone, I have no power over Michigan’s economy. This program shatters that frame of mind with one startling statistic, that “if every Michigan household spent just $10 more of their weekly food budget on Michigan products we would put $37 million a week into our local economy.”

Buy Michigan Now has created a pledge with which individuals agree to not only aim to purchase Michigan products, but to also speak positively about the state and learn about what Michigan has to offer.  To help with purchasing decisions, they also have a grocery guide that can be used to help identify Michigan made or Michigan grown products at grocery stores.

Made in Michigan

The Buy Michigan Now Festival was a fun way to learn about some of the great products made in Michigan. The talent of so many individuals was displayed through their products; there were handmade soaps, scarves, jewelry, specialty foods and clothing, along with great live music and entertainment.

I loved witnessing the creativity that went into the products and displays. I even watched as the bare pavement of the street corner was transformed into an outdoor patio, as a prop for a landscaping company. There was positive energy galore, with everyone feeling passionate about supporting our state in such an exciting way.



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