Living Gluten-Free? Find Healthy Restaurants, Bakeries and More

Gluten Free PizzaWhether you’ve been dealing with a gluten allergy all your life, or are new to the issue, finding restaurants and food markets that are sensitive to your dietary needs can be a hassle. Fear not though, they are out there; all it takes is a little digging.

Here are just a few Michigan eateries to check out for a gluten-free menu and yummy options.

  • Buddy’s Pizza — Home of Detroit’s original gluten-free pizza, this restaurant has been around since 1936 and is famous for its square pies, which it has been serving since 1946 — and a gluten-free version (pdf) since 2009.
  • CK Mediterranean Grille & Catering — This Detroit staple boasts that a whopping 80 percent of its menu is gluten-free, and they not only serve these great dishes, they deliver!
  • Passport Pizza — Offering a little bit of everything, this Detroit business has a wide range of gluten-free choices like ribs, pizzas and chicken wings.
  • Marie Catrib’s — Run by the Lebanese-born, erstwhile Yooper of the same name, this Grand Rapids eatery offers several homemade, gluten-free bread choices for sandwiches and other snacks to take home.
  • Feed Your Karma — Gluten-free hand-rolled pasta, pastries, desserts and more from this Lansing bakery.

You can always find more gluten-free establishments at the Gluten Free Registry, organized by state or city.

Maybe gluten-free isn’t your only concern when it comes to dining. If you have other food allergies, AllergyEats offers a great service for finding dining that can meet your needs.

What other resources do you know of to help find local gluten-free establishments? Are there any great local treasures that need to be highlighted?

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  1. Try Guidos in Okemos. They have a certified gluten free kitchen and serve awesome pizza and sandwiches!

  2. Thank you for this post.  We are also collecting information for a database of eateries, bakeries, venues, and even catering establishments that are gluten-free or gluten-free friendly.

  3. Actually, there’s another site called GlutenFreeTravelSite ( ) that not only lists restaurants that accommodate gluten-free diners, but it has user-submitted REVIEWS of those restaurants (and bakeries, hotels/resorts, grocery stores, cruises, etc.). In fact, a place can’t just be “listed” unless it’s been reviewed. So you get first-hand personal feedback in the form of a review from someone else with your same GF needs, not just the name and address of a place to eat. You can search the reviews by state or country — or even narrow your search to the city/zip code and map the results.

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